Our Gals



Scout has done it all. She's our foundation female, who has an extremely high emotional intelligence, She's excellent in the field, great around the house and as the picture depicts likes to lead herself. Scout is comfortable in any situation. At the restaurant she will sit quietly at your feet, in a room of 200 she's not distracted and will heel at your side. She's the first Golden Retriever to win the UFTA National Championship. She's had three litters of puppies and is the chief matriarch of the pack. http://www.k9data.com/pedigree.asp?ID=727431



Small in stature, big in heart. June has an over the top desire to please. She's darker in color, has completed her Junior Hunt Test title, and is extremely athletic and smart. Currently she is competing in upland hunting events. June is Scout's daughter




Jolene has unbelievable prey drive. She is lighter in color. Her favorite activity, returning hard to find long marks. She is the prankster of the group. Extremely intelligent, she will engage in activities to get your attention and reduce her boredom.  She's extremely athletic, smart and just a great dog to be around. She delivered her first litter of puppies in 2019, we found her to be an outstanding mother. Jolene is Scout's daughter.


Our Gals



Ruby is  working on her  Junior Hunt Test title. She's a quick learner, athletic and smart. She is light in color. We are expecting big things from Ruby. Her mother is Scout, Ruby is actually the "Mini Me" of Scout. Her father is The Sunday Swimmer who is an amateur field champion. Ruby has lot's of horsepower.




Nebraska is a deep dark red golden, has a strong pedigree, excellent confirmation and is extremely athletic.